Virgin Coconut Oil
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About Us

Welcome to Farmer an India based manufacturer of eco-friendly, organic extra virgin coconut oil and natural coconut products that nourish the goodness of nature and support the good earth. We are very much proud to introduce our organic coconut products from the God's Own Country, Kerala .

Farmer India offers an extensive range of natural coconut products such as coconut oil, desicated coconut powder, extra virgin coconut oil, fiber etc. Most importantly, the company always meets the stringent quality demands of our global customers. While our high-quality eco-friendly natural coconut products are grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other agro-chemicals. Such environment-friendly traditional farming helps nurture natural nutrients - exactly what today's health conscious consumers are seeking. In addition, traditional production systems maintain soil fertility in sustainable ways and help protect the eco-system.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Coconut Products   Unrefined Coconut Oil  

Farmer India guaranteed the top quality coconut products and extra virgin coconut oil at the lowest price. Our timely consignments are secure your commitments .

Our supreme quality Organic extra virgin coconut oil is now for the unbeatable lowest price in the web world.

Farmer India takes great pride in processing the natural and organic coconut products coconut oil, coconut powder, extra virgin coconut oil, fiber etc. that are fresh, safe and rich in nutrients.
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