Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Welcome to Farmer India. A India based manufacturer of eco-friendly, organic extra virgin coconut oil and natural coconut products that nourish the goodness of nature and support the good earth. We are very much proud to introduce our organic coconut products from the God's Own Country, Kerala .


Our high quality products for health conscious consumers

Farmer India offers an extensive range of natural coconut products such as coconut oil, desicated coconut powder, extra virgin coconut oil, fiber etc. Most importantly, the company always meets the stringent quality demands of our global customers. While our high-quality eco-friendly natural coconut products are grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other agro-chemicals. Such environment-friendly traditional farming helps nurture natural nutrients - exactly what today's health conscious consumers are seeking. In addition, traditional production systems maintain soil fertility in sustainable ways and help protect the eco-system.

'KERALAM'... This name Originated from 'KERA'('KERA in local languages Coconut Tree) because Coconut is the prime crop in kerala.Now we got the real best from our coconut after a series of trial and research, the Natural,Original and Virgin Coconut Oil through a unique Cold Centrifugal process without any fermentation or heating at any stage. this cold process fully protect's the whole nutritional values of "Virgin Coconut Oil". Farmer's Extra Virgin Coconut oil is Unrefined,Unbleached,Underised,Non Hydrogenated and fully free of toxic chemicals.

Medical Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) is well known for its high saturated fat content,so naturally it is free of Cholestrol and continues intake minimizes the Cardiac probelms and even Cardiac arrest. EVCO is the only fat thatdiabetic patients can eat without fear any fear because it regulates blood sugar and controls or reduces the effect of the disease.
Farmer's EVCO is highly rich with Lauric Acid(which is commonly rich in breast milk) and it provides better immunity against bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Natural Vitamin E is very rich in this Virgin Coconut Oil, hence it keeps the skin smooth and beautiful.This Oil is highly recommended for massaging, especially for infants. Apart from all these, the Medium Chani Fatty Acid in this Oil supports proper immune system function,Weight loss, Thyroid function and having high medicinal effect in resisting illness. After all our EVCO is all purpose edible oil which can be mix in all possible eatables and it is a food for long, safe and healthy life.

Eco-Friendly Natural Products

Farmer India guaranteed the top quality coconut products and extra virgin coconut oil at the lowest price. Our timely consignments are secure for your commitments .

Our Mission
Farmer India takes great pride in processing the natural and organic coconut products coconut oil, coconut powder, extra virgin coconut oil, fiber etc. that are fresh, safe and rich in nutrients.
At Farmer, we believe that it is of greatest importance to reach out to our customers and potential clients and earn their trust. Subsequently, we have implemented a totally transparent communication system, providing full information on product specifications; quality policies & certification; research & development; scientific results and any other related topic that you may deem important.

Building successful business relationships

Farmer India promotes a fair and transparent trading system for natural and organic coconut products. Our collaborative efforts and mutually beneficial marketing and co-marketing actions help build successful business relationships with global companies and ensure operational excellence in all our ventures.

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